Injuries and Impact from Bus Accidents

When a 20-ton bus is involved in an accident, far more happens then what is seen from the outside of the vehicle. The crumpling of the bus’ metal structure and glass and any fires that may occur are nothing as compared to the devastation that occurs inside the walls of the bus, where passengers are often thrown into each other, into the walls and onto the floors, and even out of the windows of the vehicle.

This type of experience results in multiple long-term impacts. Not only to people have to overcome the multiple serious injuries that they may have suffered, they also have to recover their sense of safety and security. The damage caused to individuals after having been in a bus accident can be both physical and emotional. Visit for more information on hiring a bus accident attorney.

Bus Accidents and Physical Injuries

Bus accidents can cause physical injuries that range from minor bumps and bruises to the most serious of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, serious burns and even death. Because few passengers are wearing seat belts at the time of bus accidents, passengers can get thrown to the floor, against walls, against other passengers, and even out of bus windows.

Passengers who are on board buses that are in accidents are also frequently burn victims. This is a result of explosions that can occur at the time of impact or as a result of spilled fuel catching fire after an accident. Passengers may need to have crushed limbs amputated or require surgery to repair damaged internal organs.

Bus Accidents and Emotional Injuries

When emergency responders arrive on the scene of a bus accident, they immediately attend to the physical injuries that have been suffered by passengers, but there are often deep emotional wounds that are invisible to the naked eye but that have an enormous impact. These injuries can have a serious impact on a bus accident victim’s quality of life.

People who have been in a traumatic bus accident not only have to face the reality of physical damage that they suffer, but also the fact that they have endured a horrifying and terrifying experience. They may have seen people die in the accident, been trapped, or in some other way traumatized by the incident.  This type of suffering can be just as painful as a physical injury.