Bus Accident Injuries

Though people often feel very safe when they are traveling on a large bus, that sense of security may be misplaced. The truth is that when a person is riding in a bus that is involved in an accident, they often sustain far worse injuries then they would have had they been riding in a passenger vehicle.  There are a number of reasons for this.

One of the most important reasons why it is more likely to sustain serious injuries in a bus then in a car is that because of the size of the bus and the way that it is designed, passengers are far more likely to be thrown around and crash into windows, walls, and other passengers.  Additionally, most people do not use seat belts in buses, which are often not even equipped with these essential safety devices. If you have sustained injuries from a bus accident, contact a greyhound bus accident lawyer immediately.

Lack of Safety Devices and Driver Inattention Are a Deadly Combination

With the sheer size of the motor coach vehicle, which is often hurtling down a highway at a high rate of speed, it is no wonder that those who are passengers in a bus accident often suffer such serious injuries, or even death. With no seatbelt to keep them safe, passengers are much more likely to slam into the seat in front of them or to be thrown to the floor or through a window.

Additionally, drivers who are operating buses are often poorly trained, distracted or exhausted. Buses are not always kept in the kind of condition that they need to be and are seldom inspected as often as they should be.  Combine all of these and you have a recipe for disaster, with the passengers often being the ones most badly injured.

Types of Injuries from Bus Accidents

People who are involved in bus accidents are often severely injured as a result of having been thrown around the bus cabin during the impact of the accident. Typical physical injuries include broken bones, back injuries, torn ligaments and tendons, sprains, and cuts, bumps and bruises. In more serious accidents people can suffer severe head injuries that lead to brain damage, burns, or even death.

Bus accident victims often suffer emotional trauma as well. This can impact them for the rest of their lives, making them fearful about returning to their normal lives.